Pig Skinning and Butchering, plus California and Oregon Public Land Hunting, Clubs, Ranches

2017 Pig  Skinning and Butchering, plus California and Oregon Public Land Hunting, Clubs, and Ranches. 

how to clean pig, best way to field dress a hog or boar

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Part I

This half of our discussion is how to field dress your Pig.  Part II shows how to skin in butcher

First place pig on his back.

hunting clubs listed in California
Make  an incision at the sternum - carefully open the lower  cavity .

to to prevent cutting the intestines or stomach place your fingers under the tissue as you cut downward towards the anus.

If you're pig is a male you'll have to locate the your urethra .Make an incision down both sides, llift it back and find  urethra. You will want to tie it off  to prevent urine from contaminating the meat.

Continue to cut down to the anus until you hit the pelvis. watch out here that you don't cut open the bladder that's it located just north of the pelvis

 Okay now locate the last  parts of the intestine and the anus. Grasp the colon area then cut around the anus. Make sure you use some twine to  around this to block any contamination....

Okay return your attention to the chest area .

Make an incision on both sides of the diaphragm.

Reach up through heart and lungs to the neck and cut through the windpipe and esophagus.

Grabbing the windpipe, pull pull everything towards you.

 Carefully pull the guts and work free with your their hands with assistance from your blade if necessary.

Now you're ready to skin your pig.

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Part II

Use a large butcher knife to cut off the head with  an assist by your saw.

Pretty much in the middle between the knee and the pigs foot, use a hacksaw to remove this part of the leg. Repeat on all legs
Pig skin is unlike other game- their skin is strongly connected to tissue.  Sometimes you have to use a pair of pliers to get a better grip. Start from the head and trim to leave as much fat as possible. Like the picture shows, complete the skinning  on each of the sides.  Then flip the pig to skin its back.

Now your job is to cut the pig in half

You can use the rear legs tendons to make a  hanging loop with some rope, use a knife to make a hole and grab a rope to hang each of the the pig's halves

Squirt out the halves with some pressurized colder water